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National Show USA

A dream that had been brewing in my head for a long time has come true. :) In Europe we have World and European shows which are considered one of the most prestigious. In the USA and Australia there are Nationals of specific breeds, which, compared to our shows, are real celebration of breed. 
In 2022, I took part in the Cocker National in Melbourne, where the judge was a breed specialist from United Kingdom and judging of males/bitch was divided over two days. The entire show ended with the official awards ceremony.
In the United States, the entire event lasted a week - it was divided into agility, males, females, Best of Breed (also on a separate day), as well as a separate day for puppies, veterans and celebration of stud dogs. There were invited 3 judges who have been breeding cockers for many years. The exhibition took place in a beautiful resort in Asheville, and the ring itself was set up in the ballroom. Show ended with an official banquet. :)
This is a fantastic change from our exhibitions in Poland, where exhibitions are held every week and judges are invited who have not dealt with cockers often and only know them from theory. Moreover, the level of culture of exhibitors in the USA was astonishing - which is rather sad, because the culture that should be normal in our "sport" was a nice change overseas.

The icing on the cake was performance of our Twitter -  Esqueen A STAR IS BORN who was one of the few dogs at this exhibition that did not have a docked tail :) - Twitter won a beautiful open class in particolour dogs. 
This is a great honor for us and we are extremely happy with this achievement.
Judge was Joyce Winkles from the United States.


World Dog Show in Zagreb

Our biggest star of WDS was the youngest Magnus - Esqueen KEEP THE FLAG HIGH. He won his minor puppy class and received title Minor Puppy WORLD WINNER 2024! 


At "Croatian Winner Show" on the same day Zoya  - Esqueen ISN'T SHE IMPRESSIVE was presented. She won her class and opened Croatian Championship. 

Huge congratulations for Michał & Filip. ♡

International Dog Show in Opole

Esqueen KEEP THE FLAG HIGH - very promissing note, 1, Best Minor Puppy in Breed and BIS BABY 3! Magnus opened Polish Puppy Championship at his first show. 

Glenbriar Silver Fox - excellent note, 1, CWC, CACIB and BOS. Dundee opened INT C.I.E. :) 


Esqueen KONFETTI GIRL had her show debut and won her class - very promissing, 1/3. Lillian opened Polish Puppy Championship just like her brother. :) 


Shansart Mary Poppins - excellent note, 2/7, Res. CACIB. Unfortunately, we don't have any photo of Thistle from that show. :( 

Litter L

On 23rd of March, we welcomed Lara's (BURBERRY Esqueen). last litter. Dundee became a proud dad for the first time. We have 8 blue roan - 5 girls and 3 boys. ♡♡♡

National Dog Show in Pruszków

Glenbriar Silver Fox - excellent note, 1/2, CWC, Best of Breed. Dundee opened Polish Championship. :) 


Esqueen ISN'T SHE IMPRESSIVE - excellent note, 1, CWC. Zoya fullfiled conditions to become Polish Champion. :) 

NO LIMIT Esqueen - excellent note, 1, Veteran Winner. Emma opened Polish Veteran Championship. :) 

Puppies from K litter had possibility to see each other first time since they left our house. Frida (Esqueen KAPI KAPI BARRA), Lillian (Esqueen KONFETTI GIRL) oraz Magnus (Esqueen KEEP THE FLAG HIGH). ♡♡♡


An exhibition to which we return every year with a smile. :) This year Dundee, Emma and Zoya took part for the first time. Cockers were judged by long-time breeders from United Kingdom, and the number of cockers exceeded 400 entries.

Our oldest Emma  in the veteran class received 4th place out of 20. ♡


Zoya in special working class gained 1st place on 4 entered bitches from UK, Hungary and Portugal.  ♡


International Dog Show in Riga

Esqueen A STAR IS BORN - excellent note, 1/3, CAC, CACIB. By receiving CAC (one per sex) Twitter fulfilled conditions to became Latvian Champion. :)  

Judge: Zoya Oleynikova


Clinical eyes examination (ECVO)

Tuula (Dash Of Magic Fabulous Future), Dundee (Glenbriar Silver Fox) and Twitter (Esqueen A STAR IS BORN) visited Dr. Garncarz in Warsaw for a clinical eye examination. All three of them have healthy eyes confirmed by European ECVO certificates. :)

2 x CACIB Nitra

CACIB Nitra 16.02
Judge: Alessandro Zeppi

Glenbriar Silver Fox - excellent note, 1, Junior Winner, CACIB-J, BIS JUNIOR 8TH GROUP - 3rd place 
Esqueen A STAR IS BORN - excellent note, 1/2, CAC, CACIB, BOS 
NO LIMIT Esqueen - excellent note, 1, CACIB-Vet, Best Veteran in Breed, Best of Breed



CACIB Nitra 17.02
Judge: Roxana Opris

Glenbriar Sillver Fox - excellent note, 1, Junior Winner, CACIB-J, Best Junior in Breed
Esqueen A STAR IS BORN - excellent note, 2/3 
NO LIMIT Esqueen - excellent note, 1/2 


Emma fulfilled conditions to become Slovakian Veteran Champion and Dundee became Junior Champion of Slovakia. :) 

International Dog Show in Lubin

Glenbriar Silver Fox - excellent note, 2

Esqueen A STAR IS BORN - excellent note, 2 

Esqueen ISN'T SHE IMPRESSIVE - excellent note, 1, CWC

NAVARRA BLUE Esqueen - excellent note, 1, Best Veteran in Breed. Coco became Polish Veteran Champion.

National Dog Show Bratislava

For our first show in 2024 we have chosen Slovakia Winner Show. Our team had great time with youngest Dundee to the oldest in our family - Emma. :) 

Glenbriar Silver Fox -excellent note, 1, Junior Winner. Dundee opened Slovakian Junior Championship.  



NO LIMIT Esqueen - excelllent note, 1, Best Veteran in Breed, Slovakia Veteran Winner 2024.

Esqueen A STAR IS BORN - excellent note, 1/2, CAC, Slovakia Winner 2024.

 Judge: Darko Drobnjak from Serbia.

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