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‘’Spaniels belong to a group of Gundogs called Flushing dogs. They were used, to first, find the game then to drive it from its hiding place for a courser to shoot or capture it.

The English Cocker Spaniel is a happy, gentle and highly active breed. They are appreciated for their excellent use of the wind, loud barking on the game, their willingness to work in water and to retrieve the shot game. All these inborn characteristics and the ease of training make them highly valued in hunting. Essentially admired as Flushing dogs and retrievers from land and from water. Moreover, you can train them to stalk bigger games. Thanks to their features the Spaniel is an all-round hunting breed so this is how they should be trained. The only thing that should never be demanded from them is to be trenchant as it is warring with their nature. Very similar to English setter breeds, Spaniels also have all the features of a Sport Hunting Dog. The work of a Spaniel can be compared to how Pointers work. The only difference is that Spaniels do not freeze and point. While searching for the game the Spaniel is supposed to go through the field in a zigzag. After finding the bird the dog should make it fly up. When it sniffs the game the body of the Spaniel shows you that by moving vigorously and by wagging its tail in a very energetic way. Because of the size of the breed and that they do not point the Spaniels movement should not be as wide as the Pointers and should be constricted to 30m from the courser. After the shot the dog should remain down until it is ordered to bring the game.

When hunting in a maze or in high coppice where the courser moves along the brushwood because he is unable to follow the dog, the Spaniels job is to flush the bird out. This should be only on short distances. If the game flew out the grass and hasn’t been shot the dog should get back and look for another one. A similar action should be done when hunting in water where besides wallowing and flushing out the dog should without any order retrieve the bird immediately after it was shot.”

Quotation from “Psy myśliwskie i ich układanie” – E. Frankiewicz


“Płochacze” – E. Dembinok

“Psy Myśliwskie i ich układanie” – E. Frankiewicz

“Szkolenie psów myśliwskich” – J. Gieżyński

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